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Ember is a cloudy blue planet and the location of Sardicktown, named after the wealthy Sardick family. The continous cloud cover generates a massive electrical field, which the indigenous skyfish use to levitate. Elliot Sardick is credited with inventing a machine which controls the planet's weather patterns, and thus the migration of the fish. Although the planet was colonized well after the nineteenth century, Elliot Sardick used his machine to oppress the human colonists, which in part explains the culture's reversion to a Dickensian state.

Another interesting feature of the culture is the frequent use of cryo-chambers: ice boxes which can freeze a patient while sustaining human life. The boxes also easily thaw out the patient again, with both the freezing and thawing processes taking only a moment.

It is thought that the planet fulfills most of its energy needs by harnessing lightning.

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The story here is the sudden appearance of Clockwork robots in Sardicktown. They're attacking people, they're stealing parts from the cryo-chambers... and they're messing with the weather control system. What are they up to?

Ember is accessible once a player has completed the first five Adventures on Earth.


Ember Adventures Edit