A player's home is the room in the TARDIS where he or she goes when he or she clicks on the Icon-TARDIS icon or by clicking on the Icon Planetary Menu icon and then clicking on the 'Go Home!' button.

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This is where three essential pieces of equipment are located:


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In addition to equipment, each new player's TARDIS room includes a swivel chair, a trunk, and a messenger bag. Players can move furniture around and add items to their rooms by clicking on the Icon-Furniture Button icon at the bottom right of the game window. Players can either access their inventory, including items from shards, by clicking on the File:Inventory Icon.png icon, or the File:Decorating Shop Icon.png icon to buy more furniture or decor. To buy an item, first click on it and then click into the room to place it. Items will have a cost of either Coins or Chronons, which will be deducted from your account if you approve the purchase.

Items are sorted into the following categories:

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  • Icon-furniture Items that can be placed on the floor can be found under the furniture tab.
  • File:Icon-architecture.png Holds the Power and Charge Fabricators if they are placed into storage.
  • File:Icon-decor.png Items that can be placed on other objects or on the walls can be found under the decor tab.

Room LockEdit

At the bottom right corner of your TARDIS room, next to the Room button, you will see your room lock. Click to lock and unlock your room.

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File:Room Unlocked Message.png
File:Room Locked.png
File:Room Locked Message.png

When the button is green:

  • Friends, guild members and team-members can enter your room.
  • Friends of friends can enter your room by using the Go to Player feature in the Friends list.

When the button is red:

  • No-one can enter your room except you, not even friends or guild members! Your room is completely locked-down!
  • Any friends or guild members who are in your room when you lock it can remain there, but their friends are prevented from following them to your room.
  • When you return from an intervention or mission, (i.e., you press the "Visit Home" button at the Rewards Screen) you will be transported to the respective planet's Devastated lobby instead of your room. This is to stop team-members from landing in your room whilst ensuring that Team Leaders are not separated from their team!