Nestene Consciousness
Homeworld Polymos

The Nestene Consciousness is a psychic entity from the planet Polymos with the ability to possess plastic. The core body (made of such plastic) has a similar appearance to a cephalopod. Portions of the Consciousness that inhabit humanoid shapes (usually mannequins) are referred to as Autons.


In Worlds in TimeEdit

The Nestene Consciousness is the ultimate source of many of the challenges players face during the Earth interventions, leading to a direct confrontation in the final intervention They Could Look Like Anyone.


In Doctor WhoEdit

The Nestene attacked Earth twice in the 1970's, and once again in 2005. Each time, the Nestene animated Autons to use as an invasion force, although at need it could animate any plastic objects, such as telephone cords, plastic flowers, and garbage bins. The first invasion attempt was shown in the episode Spearhead from Space (1970). Earth is an attractive planet to the Nestene, as it has many pollutants (like oil) and other nutrients that it can feed on, after its protein planets were destroyed during The Last Great Time War.

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