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Spelling Edit

The default language of WITpedia is British English. This includes the following spellings:

  • authorise
  • behaviour
  • colour
  • defence
  • offence
  • traveller
  • harbour

Article Names Edit

Here are some guidelines for general pages:

As a game, Doctor Who: Worlds in Time has its own special names, so the Wikipedia guidelines will not always be appropriate.

File Names Edit

Uploaded files should be named clearly and plainly. All images should have the appropriate image tag included in the file description. The preferred image format is PNG. For images created by the Doctor Who: Worlds in Time community, please follow the following naming conventions:

Screenshots and Images Edit

For images intended for specific purposes on the WiTki, the "name" needs to use the same spelling and capitalisation at the in-game item/article name. Often times, these standardised names are used in templates, so using the appropriate template will create red links for you to easily upload the image under the correct name.

Furniture & Decor Edit

  • Inventory-Item_Name.png - An image of the box that appears when you over over the item in your Furniture menu.
  • Scene-Item_Name.png - An image of the item placed in a room, so that the scale of the item is obvious.

Wearables Edit

  • Model-Item_Name.png - An image of the item on a player, preferably from the Clothes Menu page.
  • Detail-Item_Name.png - Any close-up image of the item, whether on the Clothes Menu or on a player.

Other Edit

  • Component-Item_Name.png - Used for crafting item images
  • Crafting-Item_Name.png - Used for power & charge item images
  • Character-Name.png - Used for close-up shots of single NPCs and Players. Wide shots should be listed as screenshots instead.
  • Collection-Name.png - Used for images that show an entire set of something on Collection pages. These are usually crafted from multiple pngs, similar to the multiple image type. An image of items in your home should be a scene image instead.
  • Multiple-Name.png - Used for images with multiple views of the same item, such as different colours or shots of an animation.

Templates Edit

Infoboxes Edit

Table of Contents Edit

  • {{TOCright}} (Usage) - For moving the TOC to the right
  • {{CompactTOC}} (Usage) - For an ABC type TOC to replace the standard type. Used for alphabetical lists.

Stub markers Edit

Other Edit

  • {{Opinion}} (Usage) - For pages involving personal opinions that may not be universal.

Categories Edit

Whenever fitting, articles should be categorized. See Special:Categories for a list of categories.